Make Money From Google Opinion Rewards

Make Money From Google Opinion Rewards

There are many apps in Google Play which are paid apps or required a monthly subscription. You need to have Google Play Credit in your account or need to pay real money for those apps. Now, that’s if we tell you that you can get them free of cost and need to spend only 30 min per day to complete a small survey, which will fetch you more credits to purchase many paid apps like movies, eBooks, Music, Games or apps in Google Play?

Well, it can only be possible if you use “Google Opinion Rewards,” a unique survey model which gives participants the opportunity to participate in any small survey and fetch some real cash.

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

Google Opinion Rewards is designed by Google surveys team which is based on a rewards-based program where the user needs to complete a small survey to earn free Google Play Codes. Google Opinion Rewards can be installed in both iOS and Android Smartphones and work similarly in both the mobile platform. All the credit collected in iOS Smartphone can be redeem using PayPal, and for Android Smartphones all credits will be available in Google Play Credits.

Can countries participate in Google Opinion rewards?

We have summarized all the countries which can take part in Google Opinion Rewards.

Countries which can take part in Google Opinion Rewards
Australia Germany Norway
Austria India Singapore
Brazil Italy Spain
Canada Japan Sweden
Denmark Mexico Switzerland
France Netherlands Turkey
United Kingdom United States


Are all Users eligible to receive Google Surveys?

All users or participants who are residing in these countries with over 18 years old are eligible to participate in Google Surveys. One thing which is mandatory is all survey will come in the form of English so; User should have at least basic knowledge of English.

How many Average Surveys per day uses gets in Google Opinion Rewards?

Google Surveys solely depend on the country in which people are residing, and their market share. All the ads and survey are provided by companies which want to test the mood of the public before entering the market. So, you may get more ads in the USA than in Turkey.

How are Surveys sent to any users?

Google surveys are not sent to all participant residing in the same country; you will be chosen according to the area where you are residing like the city will have more chance to receive survey then village. This is an automated system which determines which users are more eligible to respond to certain surveys.

Why Are You not getting any surveys?

Google Surveys depends on many factors like area, age, sex, location and how you answer earlier surveys. If you try to give fake reviews or game with the system or lying, you will start receiving a fewer number of reviews, and ultimately it will stop in no time.

So, one thing which you need to know in Google Survey is not to play with the system and give honest reviews which will keep giving you free credits in your system.

Is there any time frame to complete these surveys?

Yes, surveys are available only for 24 hours in your account, and you need to complete them within the stipulated time. After 24 hours, a new survey will come, and the older one will be not available in your account.

How much do you earn per survey in Google Opinion Rewards?

Payment is depending on the country, and the offer you complete, minimum you can earn is 0.2 cents depending on the country you reside.

How Can Google Play Credits be used?

You can redeem all your credit in the Google Play store, where you can purchase any app of your choice and clear your credits. For iOS Smartphone when your credits get accumulated, that can be transferred into PayPal account.

Do Google Credit Expire?

Yes, credits which are accumulated in Google Opinion Rewards account gets expire in one year from the date when it has been released, so you need to use these credits before they get expired.

How to check all your credit accumulated in your account?

You can check all your credit being accumulated in the Google payment profile.

Final words

Google Play Opinion Rewards are the trusted source to get some quick money from home; you can complete small surveys and get credits. These credits when accumulated in your Google Opinion rewards account can be used to redeem any paid apps present in the Google Play.

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