Why You Should Not Buy Instagram Followers Blindly

Why You Should Not Buy Instagram Followers Blindly

Are you looking for buying Instagram Buyers for your Account?

Seriously, check the following story, based on actual events.

(name has been changed to protect personal privacy)

The story of Two Instagram Influencer

Tom and Peter started their carrier as Instagram Influencer at the same time.  While Tom manages to get 10,000 Instagram followers within 2-month, Peter only gains 500 followers in that time frame. They were working on the same niche and were friends.

Tom managed to get product promotion order due to his high followers and Peter did not manage any offers for his Instagram account.

So, far so good, life seems to smile on Tom luck.

But on the fourth month Product promoter backs up and Tom was treated as Scammer and Fraud Instagram Influencer. His online reputation as Instagram Influencer got a dent and in the following month, he has left Instagram and eventually land up working as Pizza delivery boy.

Peter got steady followers, and on the fourth month he reaches 4000 followers, and he grabs product promotion from a company. He is now earning in a million after one year.

This story is true, and it happens like that only, you will never get money when you follow Blackhat stuff. So, now you know the moral of the story, “there is no shortcut in life.”

6 The reason why you should never Buy Instagram Followers

Reason 1 # Instagram Rule has Change

With new Instagram Update, all the account which has inorganic growth rate are instantly banned. Do not try to manipulate Instagram Algorithm, and try to outsmart it, you will eventually catch, and your Instagram account will be ban.

Instagram has recently made it clear that it will not tolerate bogus or fake accounts which keeps sending fake followers and likes without doing anything else. It Algorithm is checking every aspect of organic followers, so keep abstain from those fake Instagram follower’s websites which make big promises and send you all bot followers.

Reason 2 # Low Engagement of your Followers

Whenever you are using fake Followers, you will get low engagement or nil engagement from those fake followers. With the new Instagram Algorithm, it is a matter of some post that Instagram will figure out what you have done to get followers.

Whenever you are buying fake followers, you are harming your account. Your post will never get any comments or any engagement from these fake followers, and eventually, everyone will know that you have used unfair means to get followers.

Reason 3 # Mismatch engagement on Post

If you have every try any fake followers service, then you should know that they will not give any comment to your post or Bio. If any Service, gives you some comment then you will find that comment is a mismatch with your post and it gives a bad impression to your organic reach of the post.

All your post will have the same comment, now imagine if your post is showing some funeral picture and all comment as “awesome” or “I love it,” how your Instagram account will look.

These fake Instagram followers service is good for nothing they will not hamper your account not giving any benefit to it.

Reason 4 # Be Ready for ostracize from Society

If you are the thing to make a carrier as Instagram Influencer, then be ready to Ostracize from Instagram society as your Credibility will be destroy using those Instagram free followers.

Always remember, Genuine Instagram Influencer will take time to gain Followers organically, but eventually they will win the game. You will lose your credibility and lose any genuine followers also when you are exposed on Instagram as Scammer.

Reason 5 # Be Ready to Face Consequences by Instagram

You can get two consequences if you buy fake Instagram followers.

  1. Your Instagram account will be shut down permanently
  2. Your Fake followers will remove overnight by Instagram Algorithm

The Instagram official has made it very clear that they will not tolerate any nonsense in their social platform. They are continuously searching for fake Instagram accounts. If you are fortunate enough, your fake Instagram followers will be disappeared overnight, or if you are not fortunate, then your Instagram account will be permanently closed for not withering with the Instagram Policy and Terms of Services.

Reason 6 # Fake followers never Gives your Money

The main reason why you want to get Fake followers is to earn some money. But it is a fact that using these malpractices will not give your money at all. All your reputation as Instagram Influencer will be destroyed, and you will end up losing all your money.

So, we advise you all to stay away from these online scams and do not buy fake Instagram followers.

Final words

It is very tempting to get massive followers in your Instagram account which will attract product promoter to your account. But it is a known fact that using any black hat method will eventually hamper you as an Instagram Influencer. So, stay away from all kind of fraud ways to gain followers and concentrate on getting genuine followers using correct practices and methods.

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