Xbox Live Rewards Aka Microsoft Rewards

Xbox Live Rewards Aka Microsoft Rewards

Are you looking for Xbox live rewards?

Well, we want to inform you all that it has been changed to Microsoft Rewards from 01 Jun 2018. If you have any points or gift cards in that old account, that will be automatically transferred to your new accounts.

What was Xbox Live Rewards?

Xbox live rewards were rewarded program launched by Microsoft to get the pulse of active users. In this program, active users are given free Xbox codes for performing a certain task like browsing or purchasing or completing surveys.

It was the best rewards program which pays for doing normal jobs which you perform daily. All you need to perform is to log into your Xbox live rewards account and start browsing Bing.

What is Microsoft Rewards?

Microsoft has put everything under one umbrella and wants to give their users more benefit of doing tasks, that why they come up with one umbrella concept. Now you can log in to your Microsoft account and perform numerous small tasks to get points which can be redeemed using real money.

Microsoft rewards are a free to program which did not ask for joining fee, and you can open it with any devices available with you. Only thing what you need to be careful is to browse using Edge Browser.

As you all know is under the flagship of Microsoft and Edge is their browser which makes them easy to track all the activity you perform in your PC.

How much can you earn from Microsoft Rewards points?

You can earn real money using Microsoft Rewards points, but there is a restriction on how many points you can earn daily. These are the breakdown of the points which you can earn using Microsoft Rewards points

  • Per month – 7500 Points
  • Earn 50 Points when you complete offers – 1500 point
  • 150 Points when you browse with Edge Browser

Total = 9,150 points which come out to be $9.15 (not bad if you don’t need to do anything just do your daily routine and get paid)


  • Free Rewards program which anyone can participate
  • 100% Free to Join and start earning points
  • Based on a Points system
  • You need to redeem those points to any virtual gift card
  • You can perform your daily task and points keep on getting accumulated


  • Only can be used as a search engine
  • You need to perform all task using EDGE browser
  • You need to log in all time into your Microsoft account to get points

Microsoft Rewards regions

Australia: English is the language
Belgium: Dutch and French language
Brazil: Portuguese language
Canada: English language
Canada: French Canadian language
France: French language
Germany: German language
Hong Kong: Chinese Traditional and English language
Ireland: English language
Italy: Italian language
Japan: Japanese language
Mexico: Spanish language
Netherlands: Dutch language
New Zealand: English language
Norway: Norwegian language
Singapore: English language
Spain: Spanish language
Sweden: Swedish language
Taiwan: Chinese Traditional language
United Kingdom: English language
United States: English language
Reference: Microsoft Rewards Regions

Final words

So, if you are looking for Xbox live rewards, then we must inform you that they have changed the rewards program name to Microsoft Rewards and you can get points for performing a simple task such as browsing, playing games and completing surveys.

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